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Zeeba fleet management helps you deliver what's next.

Say hello👋 to the future of fleet management.

With a variety of solutions including electric vehicles, electric vans, electric trucks, cargo vans, box trucks, passenger vans, and more, Zeeba is dedicated to providing automotive solutions for businesses of all sizes from local shops and small businesses, to large corporate enterprise clients.

With nationwide delivery, unlimited mileage, and no maintenance required, Zeeba fleet management includes everything you need to get started. View vehicle telematics, enhanced insurance coverage options, and improved safety features with our vehicles, Zeeba is dedicated to improving fleet solutions for small and medium size businesses.

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Over 5 MILLION* packages monthly delivered by Zeeba vehicles. Don't miss out.

Ever met a fleet management company you truly loved?

Neither had we, so we created Zeeba. Now you can leave the common industry problems behind and say hello to the future of fleet management.

Common Problems

Zeeba Solutions

Long Lead Times
Nationwide Network for Fast Delivery
Inflexible Terms
We Partner with Our Clients
Poor Client Services
Dedicated Account Managers
Limited Vehicle Models
Wide Variety of Models Available
Inconsistent Maintenance & Repair Management
Covered Under Comprehensive Program
Lack of Insurance Operations
Zeeba Provides a Comprehensive Insurance Program

Here's what our clients have to say.

"Leasing long term from Zeeba has allowed us to keep vehicle costs down while being able to grow our business. I would highly recommend them for long term commercial leases."

- Tim L.

"We are a delivery service partner of Amazon's and Zeeba has supported our success and growth through their focus upon our business needs and dedication to being not only a supplier, but a true business partner."

- Kirk B.

“We just met Zeeba this spring, as we were transitioning from Amazon as a DSP to growing our last mile delivery service business. I wish we would have known of and worked with them during the past two peak seasons. Getting to know the team at Zeeba has been great. Very professional, very attentive and have quickly become a true business partner.”

- Doug S.


Number of packages delivered by Zeeba vehicles in the US.*

Models of vehicles
Industries served
Repeat clients

Finally, a fleet management company
with genuine smarts.

Let's face it, today's fleet management companies are like outdated appliances, wrapped in ancient marketing and questionable sales methods.

What we offer

Zeeba has vehicles nationwide and operates as a contactless experience that is turn-key ready.

Each vehicle is also equipped with live data that can be remotely managed, so you get a crystal clear picture of your fleet of vehicles and their status including physical location, health and diagnostics, daily trip history, and more.

  • Wide variety of vehicles with nationwide delivery, unlimited mileage, and vehicle telematics.

  • Flexible 1 to 48 month terms available and dedicated account managers to help you along the way.

  • Full fleet management included with every vehicle: Repair and maintenance, accident, tickets, tolls, vehicle registration, and more.

row of Zeeba fleet

The biggest problem with managing fleets...

is the complete overload of information on a daily basis without a clear way of quickly understanding what needs to be addressed first.

Zeeba helps solve that with up-to-date telemetrics and a dashboard that is easier than completing your 5th grader's homework.

Zeeba Fleet Management Dashboard

(A sneak peek under the hood)

There's a vehicle for each of your needs. 🤝

Everybody has different challenges and needs with their business. Whether you need a van for last mile delivery, electric vehicles, electric vans, box trucks, or to purchase and/or sell pre-owned inventory - Zeeba has you covered.

Helping service a variety of businesses and industries including but not limited to field service, mobility and transporation, last mile delivery, drayage, government, construction, agriculture, land management, utility, corporate fleet, food and beverage, terminal operations, and more.


Zeeba is dedicated to providing sustainable fleet solutions for our customers.  Zeeba is committed to 50% fleet electrification adoption by Q1 of 2024.

Electric Van Models

Zeeba vehicles


If you currently have vehicles owned in your fleet and you need to free up cash flow for your company, Zeeba can purchase your fleet and fund within 72 hours, providing a quick cash infusion through the sale. You can either rent or lease back the same vehicles or let us provide new vehicles to you with terms and conditions that make sense to your organization.

Zeeba fleet of vehicles


We are building the next generation of fleet acquisitions. If you’re interested in buying vans for your fleet, contact us today.

Zeeba Canoo electric vehicle

We like to stand out from the crowd.

(The word "Zeeba" means "Beautiful".)

Get started and reserve your vehicles today.

How it works. ⚙️

Zeeba makes fleet management for you easier than ever.

Zeeba vehicles

Select Vehicles

Simply contact us and a Zeeba team member will reach out to you to identify your needs, select a vehicle, and lease duration.

Zeeba fleet of vehicles

Touchless Pickup

After your reservation is confirmed, just show up to the vehicle location and drive away through a turn-key contact-less experience.

row of Zeeba fleet

Touchless Delivery

When you're done, simply return your vehicle at the specified location and walk away. We handle the rest, automagically.

100% Zeeba Guarantee.🤝

At Zeeba we do our best to ensure our vehicles and services allow our clients to have a meaningful impact in their businesses.

And we take our responsibility seriously which is why we provide:

Contactless Delivery

Just jump in, and drive.

Turn-Key Ready

Vehicles prepped and ready to go for your needs.

Zeeba's Promise

We do the most that we can to help our clients.

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