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Did you know that fleet vehicle remarketing is an expertise-driven science that combines trend forecasting, vehicle makes and models knowledge, and strategic connections?

It's true! As a fleet manager, you might think your vehicles are worthless, but they could still hold considerable value. By embracing the principles of vehicle remarketing, you can easily get a decent market value for your used vehicles.

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Fleet Vehicle Remarketing

Fleet vehicle remarketing is an art based on forecasting trends, deep knowledge of vehicle makes and models, and a robust network. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that your fleet vehicles have no value left in them.

Vehicle remarketing enables fleet owners to acquire fair market value for used vehicles. It's time to turn your fleet into a valuable asset with Zeeba's remarketing team.

What Is Fleet Vehicle Remarketing?

Vehicle remarketing is the resale of used assets and vehicles.

Remarketing your fleet vehicles is not just about selling them, it's about getting the most out of each and every one of them. Trust us, we know the ins and outs of forecasting trends, assessing the worth of different vehicle makes and models, and have all the right connections. Instead of thinking that there’s no value left in your fleet, partner with our fleet lease remarketing team to get the most out of your used vehicles.

How does it work?

Our experience in the auto remarketing industry allows us to cultivate strong relationships with the highest-performing auctions around the country saving you time and money.

Here's a quick recap of our process:

  • Our team sends your vehicles to the best-performing auctions across the United States.
  • We assess how much, if any, vehicle reconditioning is required.
  • We review current market and sales rates, geographic differences, and any historical rates to determine best price to sell your vehicles.

Rest assured, your vehicle will be best represented with Zeeba.

Fleet Vehicle Buy Back

If you're looking to free up business capital, our fleet vehicle buy back programs makes the entire process of buying, selling, or managing used vehicles easy and hassle-free.

With our simple programs, we can easily buy your vehicles, then lease them back to you immediately through an operating lease so your fleet stays on the road leaving no with no downtime.

Easily boost your cash flow without having to potentially compromise your business.