5 benefits of van rentals for hotels: how they can help your business


5 benefits of van rentals for hotels: how they can help your business

Acquiring a vehicle for your business can be a significant financial commitment since it involves some expenses. There are insurance, repair costs, regular monthly payments, and more.

It means that van rentals for hotels can be a viable option if you want to provide transportation services for guests, but without having to deal with the expensive costs of buying your own business vehicle.

For this reason, van rentals for hotels can help your business to save money and optimize internal and external costs, in addition to allowing you to offer a better experience for clients and staff!

Now, let’s explore some incredible advantages of long-term rentals for your hotel!

How can hotels use vans?

Hotels can use van rentals for different purposes such as taking guests to nearby events, tourist points, and restaurants or transporting people to the airport.

Also, if the employees need to transport supplies from another place to the hotel, having rental vans offers more flexibility and convenience for your business.

It is also important to say that vans can provide more safety for employees that rely on public transportation, especially the ones that work late-shift nights.

Well, if you have a hotel, you know that flexibility, convenience, and practicality help to save money and time, which makes van rentals a good option.

Moreover, if you use van rentals for hotels, you don’t need to worry about all the costs involved in purchasing and maintaining your own vehicle.

1. Fleet management

When you purchase a vehicle you need to do complete vehicle management. Besides that, tracking is also necessary to improve security and help you find a stolen vehicle, in case that happens.

So, you know that managing your fleet on your own will increase some costs and risks for the business.

And if you purchased more than one vehicle, this task becomes even more complex and costly, right?

But if you use van rentals for hotels instead of buying, you can save a lot of money and time with fleet management and tracking.

At Zeeba, we have the best technology tools to do fleet management, providing our clients with up-to-date telemetrics and a clear dashboard. 

2. Nationwide van rentals

For businesses that want to offer transportation services, van rentals provide a flexible solution. Any hotel owner that needs to have a vehicle for their business, knows that managing vehicle licensing can be time-consuming.

With a nationwide van company, you can use rented vans at various locations throughout the United States. This becomes even more useful if you have multiple hotels located in different parts of the country.

Moreover, vans companies deal with vehicle licensing and registration, making your business save some resources and effort.

It means if you rent instead of buying, you don’t need to deal anymore with the cost of acquiring and maintaining vehicle licenses.

3. Wide variety of models available

You can rent different vehicles according to what you need: the number of seats, size, cargo space, technology features, and more.

It means that renting offers more flexibility and options since you can choose what is best for you at a specific moment. Business owners know that those factors make a lot of difference in transportation services.

When you have only one vehicle for your business, you don’t have different options to use according to a specific situation! Van rentals can be the solution in those cases.

At Zeeba, you can find different options and rent the best vans for your hotel and the service you want to offer.

4. Comprehensive insurance programs

Without adequate insurance coverage, your business can have problems in case of an accident. This can lead to legal issues and even harm the reputation of your hotel.

We all know how important insurance is to protect your van and your business, but the thing is, if you use van rentals for your hotel, you can save money and have access to a great insurance program.

When you rent a van, insurance is normally included in the total cost. Also, if you need it, it's possible to contract additional options that are good for your business.

Have you ever heard about Zeeba’s insurance coverage options? We have a different insurance program to help your business!

5. Unlimited Mileage

You are free to drive as much as you want without having to pay any extra fees.

Paying per mile driven is not cheap and convenient for any kind of business. It limits your transportation services and takes away the flexibility you need to offer a good experience for staff and guests.

It can also be challenging to accurately predict the number of miles you will have to drive for a specific journey, resulting in unexpected expenses.

Unlimited mileage makes you save money and have more flexibility.

Zeeba offers unlimited mileage for you! So, you can use van rentals for hotels to optimize the transportation services you want to offer without worrying about it.

Wrap up

Option for van rentals for hotels is a good way to save money, having access to a wide range of vehicles and offering an exclusive service for your guests.

They provide flexibility affordably, making you save money with the costs involved in having a vehicle – insurance, maintenance, and more.

No matter if you intend to take the guests for a road trip, a specific event, or transport equipment for your business, van rentals for hotels are an excellent solution!

If you are interested in using van rentals instead of buying and optimizing the transportation services of your hotel, please, contact us and get a quote! We can personalize our services according to what your business needs!

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