How to Reduce Airport Shuttle Costs With Van Rentals


Airport shuttles are a great transportation alternative for people who need to travel to and from the airport. They typically convey 10 or more passengers by bus or van, offering facility and convenience, especially for the elderly and people with disabilities. However, if you want to launch a shuttle service, it’s necessary to minimize ongoing expenses and extra costs, maximize profitability, and not exceed the planned budget. In this scenario, a van rental service can be a good alternative to reduce costs, solve logistic problems and provide a better experience for passengers and staff. Keep reading to find out more about reducing airport shuttle costs with van rental and the main advantages of this for your business!

What are the costs of starting a shuttle service?

We can say that the costs below are the most common in shuttle services:

• Vehicles: the cost of purchasing vehicles, their size, number of seats, and where they will be used.

• Vehicle permits: to legally transport passengers in a shuttle service, you need to buy permits that authorize their use for business purposes.

• Licenses: shuttle services may need to pay a licensing fee related to each vehicle. 

• Fuel: costs associated with gas and maintenance are among the biggest expenses for a vehicle owner.

The expenses vary depending on factors like the types of vehicles used, your location, and regulatory requirements in the area. Fortunately, there is a useful and simple way to reduce those expenses - we will show you that!

How to reduce recurring expenses?

Reducing airport shuttle costs and services is necessary to maintain business continuity and optimize the budget. However, with so many expenses involved, it’s not always easy to do this. Although it can be a hard task, there are several ways to reduce airport shuttle costs, such as:

• Consider alternative fuels;

• Focus on logistic costs reduction;

• Use technology to simplify operations;

• Consider outsourcing;

• Implement vehicle maintenance programs.

Renting vans and utilizing fleet management services are also efficient ways to increase profit, and productivity and optimize time. It can help reduce expenses related to purchasing and maintaining a vehicle. Fleet management helps increase productivity and safety while also enhancing your company's reputation and optimizing internal operations.

4 benefits of using van rental services

Now you know that it’s possible to reduce airport shuttle costs by renting vans instead of buying them. However, the benefits go beyond not having to purchase specialized vehicles and being able to save on maintenance costs. By entrusting this service to a professional company like Zeeba, you can save more time, have more freedom, and customize your vehicle choices according to each situation. Do you want to know more about it? So check the four benefits of using van rentals to reduce airport shuttle costs:

1. Flexible terms

Renting a van offers more flexibility than owning a vehicle because you can customize your transportation services based on what you need at a specific moment. For example, van rental companies normally have a wide range of van models. It means you can choose the vehicle by the number of passengers, amount of luggage, accessibility, interior space, and other factors that are important to you. It’s also possible to rent a van for a specific period, so you can have an exclusive vehicle for a couple of days or weeks. Remember that at Zeeba, we provide maintenance and repair services to give you more tranquility and ensure an exclusive experience for passengers and staff through reliable and modern service.

2. Unlimited mileage

Option for a van rental with unlimited mileage allows shuttle companies to avoid extra fees that can be charged by rental companies that do not offer this benefit. These fees are not only expensive but also inconvenient since they can be avoidable if the company offers unlimited mileage. It means when you choose a rental company that provides a van with unlimited mileage, like Zeeba, you gain more flexibility and tranquility, without worrying about extra costs or limited coverage. Renting a van with unlimited mileage can be a cost-effective and efficient option for companies that need to transport equipment within the airport or make a lot of trips during the day.

3. Tracking systems

Utilizing an efficient vehicle tracking system is essential if you want not only to reduce airport shuttle costs but also to improve safety and fleet management. A good tracking system can help you to manage risks more effectively since the vehicle will be monitored in real-time. The market for vehicle tracking systems is growing each year because the benefits of this technology have already helped thousands of people and businesses in the United States and around the world. Tracking systems help you to act faster if something happens. They increase safety, reduce maintenance costs, improve compliance, and prevent unauthorized vehicle use.

For that, Zeeba offers a dashboard with up-to-date telemetrics, so you can have a clear understanding of your business operations.

4. Variety of models

You probably have a preference for certain types of vehicles or you want to choose vans based on the requirement of specific circumstances, and this can be a good reason to rent vans instead of buying them! For example, you may prefer to offer electrical vans because they are environmentally friendly or your clients may want to rent a larger van because you will need a big amount of space for luggage.

In any of these cases, you can offer a van that best fits your client’s needs at a specific moment. We strive to have the best vehicles available to offer a better experience for travelers and reduce airport shuttle companies' costs.

Final thoughts

Renting vans is an efficient way to reduce your company’s costs, have more flexibility, and offer the van according to your customer’s needs in special situations. There are a lot of situations in which renting becomes more advantageous than purchasing a vehicle, as you won't need anymore to worry about costs associated with maintenance and insurance since the rental company will take care of this for you.

By doing so, you can have more time to focus on other strategic and profitable actions, providing differentiated and customized services for passengers and employees. For more information, please contact our team and learn more about Zeeba’s vehicles and services!

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