Maximize your parking garage profits with van rentals


Maximize your parking garage profits with van rentals

A parking garage business is a type of commercial enterprise that is widely recognized as a profitable venture.

If you manage a parking garage near an airport, you know how high the demand for airport shuttle service can be.

Offering a shuttle service ensure a good transportation service, guaranteeing that customers arrive early and safely.

To work with a shuttle service, you can rent vans, so you don't have to deal with the high costs related to buying and maintaining a vehicle.

If you want to learn more about how van rentals can benefit your parking garage business, keep reading!

How to manage your parking space effectively

Managing a parking space, as you know, can be profitable, but at the same time, it requires organization and execution.

To start, it’s important to plan your business and optimize the space by ensuring it’s arranged to accommodate the maximum number of vehicles while allowing for smooth traffic flow.

After determining the size of your parking lot, you can think about other things, like parking layout design and security provisions. Check some common services you can offer.

Car wash

Many parking garage owners consider providing car wash services to attract more clients and increase profits. 

While offering a car wash service can be an interesting idea for certain types of businesses, it's important to keep in mind that this involves hiring staff and purchasing necessary resources, which can result in additional costs for your business.

Valet service

A valet service is a parking service where a trained driver retrieves the customer’s vehicle for them. 

This type of service offers convenience, and safety and helps to enhance the brand image, differentiating your business and providing an exclusive experience.

It is a great service for many customers, as it offers convenience and exclusivity. Therefore, it can be an interesting service for a parking garage.

In addition to the valet service, you can also work with a shuttle service, and thus optimize the services offered in your business.

Shuttle service

A shuttle service is an essential transportation service for customers who want to go to and from airport terminals.

If you want to provide this service, it’s important to have qualified drivers and a system for managing the shuttle service.

Using van rentals to offer shuttle services is a good way to acquire more clients who need transportation to the airport because in these cases, clients need a lot of punctuality and available space for luggage - and Zeeba can help you with that because we work with different types of vehicles to meet your business needs.

Van rental

Working with a transport service, as you can see, is an interesting way to acquire more customers and offer an exclusive experience.

For this, it is worth using different types of vans, so that you can adapt services according to the number of passengers, and luggage space, among others.

In addition, adaptation is essential in cases where passengers have special needs.

But we know that buying a large number of vehicles to offer this service is expensive and impractical.

And by renting vans, it becomes possible to use different types of vehicles, but without having to deal with purchasing and maintenance costs!

Take a look at the main benefits of having a van rental service:

1. Maximize your profits

When you purchase a vehicle, you are limited to its conditions, because it’s not easy to make changes. It’s also expensive to deal with all the costs associated with buying a vehicle.

And that's one of the advantages of renting vans, which offer more flexibility and allow you to adapt your services according to the situation. 

For instance, during holidays, more people require transportation to the airport. So, at certain times of the year, you can rent larger vans to meet that demand.

2. Reduce administrative burden

Van rentals help reduce administrative burdens by taking care of the maintenance and repair, which consume the time and resources of your business.

By renting vehicles, you can eliminate not only costs but also worries. This way, you will have more time to focus on strategic aspects of your business, such as acquiring customers and investing in online campaigns.

At Zeeba, we take care of this part for you, in addition to using technology tools that increase the safety and quality of the service!

So, if you want to reduce your administrative burden, renting vans is a good option for you!

3. Flexible terms

Flexibility in contracts is something that brings relief to business owners. Renting vans gives you more flexibility to meet high-demand periods.

For instance, during the busier holiday seasons, you could add more vans for 3 months or more and then de-fleet after the busy season.

You won’t be stuck with unprofitable contracts anymore, because now, you are the one that will choose what brings value to your business.

4. Variety of models

When you rent vans, you will have access to a wide variety of vehicles. This allows you to choose the best van for you based on factors such as the number of seats, size of the vehicle, fuel efficiency, and others.

This is one of the disadvantages of buying vehicles instead of renting them, as when you do so, you are stuck with the conditions of that vehicle because it is harder to make changes and adapt it to your demands.

At Zeeba, you can find vans in different sizes. It means you can provide transportation for only one person or a big group of 15 people!

Over to you

Now you know how many benefits van rentals offer to a parking garage business.

This service, significantly reduce costs involved in purchasing and maintaining a vehicle, such as depreciation and insurance.

So when renting vans, you no longer have to worry about purchase and maintenance costs! This means you will have more time to focus on strategic activities.

Clients value these differentials, so offering services like valet can bring your business significant rewards.

If you are interested, please contact our customer service and get a quote! Together, we can find the best options for your parking garage!

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