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Whether you own a small fleet of cars or a large fleet of commercial trucks, Zeeba's fleet management services can help you save time, money, and hassle.

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Neither had we, so we created Zeeba. Now you can leave the common industry problems behind and say hello to the future of fleet management.

Common Problems

Long Lead Times
Inflexible Terms
Poor Client Services
Limited Vehicle Models
Inconsistent Maintenance & Repair Management
Lack of Insurance Operations

Zeeba Solutions

Nationwide Network for Fast Delivery
We Partner with Our Clients
Dedicated Account Managers
Wide Variety of Models Available
Covered Under Comprehensive Program
Comprehensive Insurance Program

Most Common Pain Points

Lack of Real-time Visibility

One of the significant challenges is the inability to have real-time visibility into their fleet's location, status, and performance. Customers may struggle to track and monitor vehicles, leading to inefficiencies in operations, delays, and difficulty in responding to changes or emergencies promptly.

Fleet Optimization and Efficiency

Customers often face challenges in optimizing fleet operations to improve efficiency. This includes route planning and optimization, fuel consumption management, reducing idle time, and improving overall productivity. Maximizing asset utilization while minimizing costs is a key pain point for many fleet operators.

Driver Behavior and Safety

Ensuring driver safety and promoting good driving behavior is crucial for fleet operators. Customers often face challenges in monitoring and managing driver behavior, such as speeding, harsh braking, and excessive idling. Improving driver safety, reducing accidents, and enhancing compliance with regulatory requirements are important pain points in fleet management.

Maintenance and Downtime

Maintaining a fleet of vehicles in optimal condition is critical to ensure smooth operations. Fleet operators often struggle with scheduling and managing regular maintenance, tracking vehicle health, and minimizing unplanned downtime. Effective maintenance management systems can help address these pain points.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Customers in the fleet management industry must adhere to various compliance regulations, including hours-of-service rules, driver logs, vehicle inspections, and other industry-specific regulations. Managing and staying compliant with these requirements can be a complex and time-consuming process.

Cost Control and Optimization

Controlling and reducing operational costs is a persistent pain point for fleet operators. This includes fuel costs, maintenance expenses, insurance premiums, labor costs, and more. Finding ways to optimize costs while maintaining service quality is a common challenge.

Data Management and Analytics

Fleet management involves handling large amounts of data from various sources, such as GPS trackers, telematics systems, maintenance records, and more. Customers often struggle with data management, integration, and analysis to derive meaningful insights for decision-making and improving fleet performance.

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Helping fleet managers and drivers with...

Fleet management software
Fleet management service
Flexible lease terms
Avoid depreciating assets
Accident management
Fleet management tracking
No registration expenses
No maintenance management
Toll & violation management
Recall management
Vehicle registration management
Safety & collision management
Telematics management

How it works

Zeeba makes fleet management for you easier than ever.


Select Vehicles

Simply contact us and a Zeeba team member will reach out to you to identify your needs, select a vehicle, and lease duration.


Touchless Pickup

After your reservation is confirmed, just show up to the vehicle location and drive away through a turn-key contact-less experience.


Touchless Delivery

When you're done, simply return your vehicle at the specified location and walk away. We handle the rest, automagically.

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Simply contact us and a Zeeba team member will reach out to you to identify your needs, select a vehicle, and lease duration.

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