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Say hello to the future of passenger transportation.

Rent passenger vans and large SUV's to transport your clients to and from their destination, providing clients with the exceptional services they desire.

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The beauty of Zeeba

Zeeba makes fleet management for you easier than ever.


We know you’ve got a busy season and a slow season, so you can lease as many vehicles as you need when seasonal demand changes occur.


Maintenance, registration, tolls, and tickets — it’s all included. So all you need is a driver and your routes. We’ll take care of the rest.


Every vehicle logs data to the cloud. With trip history, location, and vehicle health updates, you can keep track of your fleet.

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How Zeeba Works
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Passenger Vans & Large SUVs

How it works

Zeeba makes fleet management for you easier than ever.


Select Vehicles

Simply contact us and a Zeeba team member will reach out to you to identify your needs, select a vehicle, and lease duration.



After your contract is signed and your reservation is confirmed, we'll notify you of your delivery date.


Touchless Delivery

We handle the rest, automagically. Zeeba comes to you, with our convenient drop off white glove service.

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