Why Use Van Rentals For Assisted Living Home Transportation


Why use van rentals for assisted living home transportation

Almost all assisted living homes offer transportation to take residents on recreational trips, shopping trips, or medical appointments.

However, for many senior living services, it can be complex to provide this transportation, since it’s necessary to think about a lot of factors: assessment of transportation needs, driver and vehicle management, costs, and vehicle maintenance.

The good news is that using van rentals for assisted living homes can be a smart, safe, and cost-effective solution.

In this article, we are going to explore 4 reasons why you should consider van rentals for assisted living home transportation.

3 types of transportation all assisted living homes need

Van rental companies provide exclusivity, efficiency, and care in transportation. All of these factors are important to improve the quality of life and safety of elderly people.

To bring more convenience and optimum safety, there are some types of transportation that almost all assisted living homes require. See what they are:

1. On-site transportation

Guaranteeing the safety of people who require assisted living begins even before they get outside of the building.

It involves transportation services within the location. The main goal of on-site transportation is to provide safety and efficiency, without needing external transportation services.

As an owner of an assisted living home, you want to ensure that residents move around safely and without assistance.

Zeeba offers different types of van rentals for an assisted living home, which provides more comfort and tranquility for family members, knowing that their loved ones are receiving the necessary attention.

Wheelchair-accessible vehicles are a good option for assisted living homes that want to invest in on-site transportation.

2. Scheduled transportation

Van rentals for an assisted living home can provide scheduled time for transportation services, offering more convenience for caregivers and residents.

Scheduled transportation can also be used to transport only one patient, in case of a medical appointment, for example.

It also helps with the transportation of residents who need specialized care, such as those who use wheelchairs. The vehicle that is used needs to be safe and comfortable enough to accommodate the resident.

For scheduled transportation, Zeeba offers a wide variety of models, including  passenger vans, cargo vans, box trucks, and much more, depending on what you, the staff and residents need.

3. Group transportation

Van rental services for assisted living homes are also good for group transportation.

By renting a van, it’s possible to transport multiple residents to events, shopping, and recreational activities, which is important to provide quality of life and humanized service for them.

The vehicle can be chosen based on the number of people who will be transported and some of the residents' needs.

When the residents travel together in a van, they can make some social connections and build stronger relationships with each other.

Zeeba offers different types of models for group transportation. Depending on the number of people who will need transportation, you can use bigger vans.

Why use van rentals for senior transportation?

Van rentals for assisted living homes bring more safety and flexibility for staff and residents.

If you have yet to use it, now is the perfect time to rethink transportation management and optimize this service.

See the main benefits of using van rentals for assisted living homes:

1. Downtime

The time at which a vehicle is not available for use for any reason is known as vehicle downtime. It can impact the cost of ownership and revenue.

But you don’t need to worry about downtime if you rent vehicles instead of buying them.

Van rentals offer businesses the flexibility to scale up or down their fleet according to their current needs. It means you can adjust your vehicle usage without having to purchase or sell new vehicles.

Renting also helps you to reduce downtime and costs related to maintenance. If the vehicle you normally use breaks down, you can continue all of your daily operations, because you will have another at your disposal.

Reducing downtime helps you to increase productivity and optimize costs.

2. Fleet management tracking

Having your vehicles doesn’t guarantee that proper management and tracking will be implemented.

However, these factors are more than essential to maintain the safety and efficiency of transportation. Therefore, it can’t be ignored.

The monitoring systems used in Zeeba can enhance vehicle management and tracking by providing well-maintained vehicles that have advanced technology and optimizing logistics.

Fleet management tracking has a lot of benefits for assisted living homes that want to rent vehicles, for example:

• Reduce maintenance costs;

• Improve customer service;

• Improve efficiency;

• Reduce the risk of accidents.

Fleet management tracking is good for assisted living homes because it helps them to ensure the safety of caregivers and residents. This can also enhance response times in case of an emergency.

3. Fuel and maintenance costs

Fuel and maintenance are among the biggest expenses for a vehicle owner.

It means that if you want to reduce those expenses, van rental for an assisted living home can bring some benefits for you.

Also, it helps you to save time with vehicle maintenance. And you know this can cost a lot of time, money, and resources.

Rental vehicles, especially when they are from a specialized company, such as Zeeba, are regularly maintained, which helps reduce the risk of breakdowns.

And if it breaks down, you can easily replace it with another at one of our locations.

But fuel and maintenance are not the only costs the van rental service can help reduce. It can also benefit your assisted living home from tax relief, which makes you save a significant amount of money.

4. Limited vehicle models

This is also one of the most significant benefits of using van rentals for assisted living homes.

Normally, an assisted living home requires different types of vehicles as patients have different needs.

Will someone be carried out within the facility? Are the patients going for any recreational activities? Does the patient require any special care?

These factors can determine the type of vehicle that should be used.

You can use the vehicle that is most suitable for your current needs.

Our company provides vehicles of all sizes and models, according to what you need. No matter whether you will be transporting only one resident or more, we can offer more flexibility and efficiency for you, caregivers, and residents.

Over to you

Now you know the main benefits of van rentals for assisted living homes.

Renting a van can provide a lot of benefits, including safety for the elderly and people with disabilities, flexibility, versatility, and cost savings.

With Zeeba customer service and fleet management, you can have all these benefits and even more.

Zeeba is here to help you to optimize the service of transportation for the residents and create a better experience for everyone.

We help different kinds of businesses, and we look forward to improving the transportation service for your assisted living home! Contact us to learn more and get a quote!

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